Ffrindiau / Friends

Release Date – December 10th 2010

with Bryn Terfel, Elin Llwyd, Catrin Alaw, David King (cornet), Annette Bryn Parri (piano), Steve Pablo (guitar) and Owain Gethin Davies (harp)
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Emyr and Siân’s friends come together to contribute to this second collection of wonderful Welsh and English favourites.

This brother and sister have lives that are filled with music as is demonstrated by the rich array of distinguished musicians they count as friends. Emyr explains the significance of Bryn Terfel’s contribution to ‘Agnus Dei’ by Robat Arwyn. “Siân is a little older than me, and she has known Bryn very well since their childhood as they competed against one another in local eisteddfodau, but it was a huge experience for me”.

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Ffrindiau / Friends - Emyr Wyn Gibson & Sian Wyn Gibson

Also contributing to this track is the internationally renowned cornetist and conductor David King. “A few years ago we shared a concert platform with the famous Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band, conducted by David King. He was very complimentary about our performance and our relationship grew from there.”

Of course, choosing suitable duets for a brother and sister can be quite tricky and that’s why the title of both this record ‘Friends’ and their first record – ‘Perthyn’ (Belonging) released in 2007 are also themes that run through the recordings. They also describe the close relationship between Emyr, who plays the part of ‘Meical’ in Welsh soap opera ‘Rownd a Rownd’ and Siân who is a classical singer and teacher.

This collection, with items in English and Welsh, contains two duets by Ryan Davies, iconic ballads such as ‘Hallelujah’ as well as opportunities for both Siân and Emyr to demonstrate their more specialised solo skills, such as Siân’s ‘Ave Maria’ by Gounod and Emyr’s wonderful ‘She’s always a woman to me’ by Billy Joel.

The other singers on the album are Siân’s daughter – Catrin Alaw, and the distinguished mezzo from Carmarthen – Elin Llwyd, who also happens to be Emyr’s girlfriend. “This is how we were able to put this idea together” explains Emyr, “because our friends helped us out, and I’d like to thank them from the bottom of my heart”

1. Yn Y Bore gyda / with Steve Pablo (gitâr / guitar )

Ryan Davies, trefn. / arr Emyr Rhys © Ryan Davies

2. Agnus Dei (allan o Er hwylio’r Haul) gyda / with Bryn Terfel +  David King (cornet)

Robat Arwyn © Curiad

3. Hon yw y Foment (This is the Moment, allan o/out of Jekyll & Hyde)

Frank Wildhorn, Leslie Bricusse; cyf. / trans. John Stoddart
© Stage and Screen Music

4. Emyn Priodas gyda / with Owain Gethin Davies (telyn / harp)

Delyth Haf Rees,Eleri Ann Richards © Delyth Haf Rees + Eleri Ann Richards

5. Nadolig? Pwy a wyr?

Ryan Davies, trefn. / arr Benny Litchfield © Ryan Davies

6. The Rose (Calon Lân) gyda / with Catrin Alaw

Amanda McBroom; Daniel James © W B Music Corp.

7. Y Byd yn Un (World in Union) gyda / with Owain Gethin Davies (telyn / harp)

G Holst, Charlie Skarbek, trefn. / arr. Owain Gethin Davies; cyf. / trans. Sioned James 
© Bucks Music Group Ltd

8. Ave Maria

J S Bach, Gounod, trefn. / arr Emyr Rhys © Aran

9. Hallelujah gyda / with Elin Llwyd

Leonard Cohen © Sony/ATV Music Publishing

10. Angel

Sarah Maclachlan © Sony/ATV Music Publishing

11. She’s Always a Woman gyda / with Annette Bryn Parri (piano)

Billy Joel © EMI Music Publishing Ltd

12. Somewhere Over the Rainbow gyda / with Annette Bryn Parri (piano)

Harold Arlen, E Y Harburg © EMI United Partnerships

13. World in Union gyda / with Owain Gethin Davies (telyn / harp)

G Holst, Charlie Skarbek, © Bucks Music Group Ltd


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