clawr annette 1 thumbRelaxing New Age Music from Annette Bryn Parri  one of Wales’ most highly regarded and distinguished pianists. Mood Music suitable for activities such as Healing, Meditation, and Relaxation.

Since 2008 Annette Bryn Parri has provided music sessions for children with special educational needs at both Ysgol Pendalar , Caernarfon and Ysgol y Bont, Llangefni. Despite sometimes severe physical and mental disabilities,the children’s reaction to this improvised music is often very strong, provoking physical movements and an emotional response.



Myfyrdod Meditation - Annette Bryn Parri

During these sessions Annette responds to the physical and verbal gestures the children make, allowing them to influence and guide the nature of the music. This recording was made with the help of Jack Swift, a pupil at Ysgol y Bont, who has a great love of music and with whom Annette has formed a particularly close relationship.

1 Myfyrdod / Meditation

2 Machlud / Sunset

3 Meddyliau / Thoughts 

4 Gorwel / Horizon

5 Sirioldeb / Serenity

6 Gobaith / Hope

7 Hiraeth / Longing

8 Tangnefedd / Peace

9 Dedwyddwch / Contentment

10 Gorfoledd / Joy

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