O Nunlla

It’s ciders all round to celebrate this debut album

The first single by Phil Gas and his Band, ‘Seidar ar y Sul’ (Cider on a Sunday) was released in November 2017. It’s enormous popularity was the stimulus for the band to continue to develop and record new material. 10 songs have been selected for this collection and 8 of them are original to the band.


As you’d expect, there are songs here that develop the witty, party pieces for which the band are well known.’Ti ar fy meddwl i’ and ‘Mali a fi’ are already favorites in the live performances of the band. They are energetic and showcase a feast of vocal harmonies.

But there is a great variety in the other songs; songs that talk about affection, the pressures of everyday life and loss in the most sensitive and honest terms. There are also many references to their local area, namely the Nantlle Valley. The title of the CD is a reference to the rapid development of the group, but also another name check for their area, and the peculiarities of it’s pronunciation in Welsh. 

Maybe the track that incorporates all these elements is “Yncl John, John Watkin Jones”, which opens the collection. This is a tribute by Phil, to a well-known figure in the community. Again, we hear references to local features, but the sentiments that are expressed here are easily recognised and very powerful.

1. Yncl John, John Watkin Jones
2. Yn yr Ardd
3. Ffonia dy ffrindia
4. Does neb yn gwrando dim
5. Cychod Wil Amer
6.Ti ar fy meddwl
7. Mali a fi
8. Dinas Dinlle.mp3
9. Wagon Wheel.mp3
10. Seidar ar y Sul

Release Date: September 7th 2018


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