Paid deud (bo fi’n rhy hwyr)

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Artist – Sarah Wynn (feat. DJ Leighton)

Chart success beckons for Sarah

Life is certainly busy at the moment for Sarah Wynn who releases her latest single – ‘Paid deud (bo fi’n rhy hwyr)’/Don’t say (that I’m too late) on the on Friday, the 5th of October . As well as recording her new release she’s been preparing a website to promote her music and publicise her performances. Sarah is from Bethel near Caernarfon and her combination of pop and dance tracks are sung in both English and Welsh, giving her live set an unique edge. Previous engagements have included sets supporting Emma Bunton, Liberty X and Bill Wyman, Blazin’ Squad, Big Brovaz and US5.

Following the success of her debut album – ‘V.I.P’, Sarah has been working hard on new material. She met up with DJ Leighton in a song writing workshop where they hit it off straight away. The new single is the first fruit of their collaboration, a process that can sometimes be challenging as Leighton is based in Pontypridd, South Wales. “We’re constantly sharing ideas via email” says Sarah. “That seems to be the normal way of working now, even when you’re writing with someone who lives on the next street!”

Meanwhile Sarah is also active as a DJ herself, with her own weekly show on hospital radio. This work features in a new tv series to be broadcast in the Autumn that looks at all aspects of hospital life at Ysbyty Gwynedd. “The radio means a great deal to the patients” says Sarah, “because people often turn to music as a source of support during times of difficulty.”

‘Paid deud’ is released as a download on the Aran label and is available via iTunes from the 5th of October. On October the 6th Sarah Wynn will be performing at the ‘North Wales Pride’ festival at Hendre Hall, Bangor. Check out her new website for news of other live shows –

Paid deud (bo fi’n rhy hwyr)   

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