Peintio’r Byd yn Goch


John ac Alun ‘paint the world red’ with this bluegrass song

Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Cyrraedd y Cychwyn’ (Arriving at the Beginning), this single release celebrates the style of bluegrass country music that was made so popular by the late, great Johnny Cash. Whilst the music is as American as apple pie, the songs narrative is deeply embedded in Welsh culture. It has an evangelical theme, describing the transformation of the world through the Christian message, illustrated by the map of the world being turned from pagan black to red.

This old Welsh verses are in a style that would have been very familiar to Welsh audiences during the religious revivals that swept the country during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It lends a grander to the song that seems entirely appropriate for a tribute to “The Man in Black”, whose own songs often had epic or religious overtones.

Produced by Meilyr Rhys, John ac Alun have also made a video to support the release of ‘Peintio’r Byd yn Goch’. It follows them on a journey to one of their many gigs around the country. This trip doesn’t go quite as planned, and the duo have to resort to whatever transport they can find in order to reach their destination on time.

The track is only available to download from this site.

peintior byd yn goch mid2

llun gan Meilyr Rhys

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