Clawr-Ribidires s

Welcome aboard the ark with Now and Nia. Here are 16 lively songs that describe the fascinating animals that live there. Written and recorded for the S4C series of the same name, this is a great way of teaching young children about their favourite animals.

Also – backing tracks without voices and downloadable copies of the words!

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Audio Clips
Cefn Cd Ribidires

1. I mewn i’r arch a nhw

2. Rhowch streipiau i’r Sebra

3. Jên Jiráff

4. Moi y Morlo

5. Rhowch gap ar ben y mwnci

6. Llond Bol

7. Dacw Mam yn dwad

8. Araf bach

9. Can y Pengwin

10. Migldi Magldi

11. Dawns yr Eliffant

12. Bwystfil

13. Neidio fel Cangarw

14. Llew clyfar iawn

15. Glöyn Byw bywiog

16. Bob y Pysgodyn Aur

Words – click to download

1. I mewn i’r arch a nhw

2. Rhowch streipiau i’r Sebra

3. Jên Jiráff

4. Moi y Morlo

5. Rhowch gap ar ben y mwnci

6. Llond Bol

7. Dacw Mam yn dad

8. Araf bach

9. Can y Pengwin

10. Migldi Magldi

11. Dawns yr Eliffant

12. Bwystfil

13. Neidio fel Cangarw

14. Llew clyfar iawn

15. Glöyn Byw bywiog

16. Bob y Pysgodyn Aur

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