Elwyn Wilson Jones CD

Elwyn Wilson Jones

This selection of gospel songs is filled with humour, irony and humility, some well known and iconic, some less familiar but equally powerful.

Elwyn Wilson Jones is known throughout Wales as a member of ‘Hogia’r Wyddfa’.  The material is close to his heart and perfectly suits the nature of his voice. The songs are in new arrangements by his good friend Dafydd Bullock, a well known composer from Llanberis whose work has been recorded, performed and broadcast internationally.

Songs are sung in Welsh and in English, accompanied by piano, bass, drums, clarinet and tuba!


Track listing :

My Lord what a morning 
Cilia Draw 
Dos Draw Moses 
Dos Dywed ar y Mynydd 
Kwm Ba Yah 
Teimlaf ar Dro Fel Rhyw Blentyn Difam 
Michael, row the boat ashore 
Swing Low, Sweet chariot 
Deep River 
Rock my soul 
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen 
Down by the riverside 

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