• A Welsh Wedding

    priodas bach

    Express your Welsh identity through music !

    • Featuring Carys Owen (harp) and Huw Williams (organ)
    • Romantic Welsh folk melodies for harp in arrangements by Nansi Richards (Telynores Maldwyn) and John Thomas (Pencerdd Gwalia) amongst others.
    • Original compositions for organ by Karl Jenkins and William Mathias
    • Processionals in different durations to suit the size of the venue
    • Also includes the International favourites ‘Here comes the bride’ by Richard Wagner and Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March’
  • Awyr Iach

    Awyr Iach clawr blaen bach

    ‘Awyr Iach’ - a breath of fresh air from singer songwriter Ynyr Llwyd

    Relaxing in the great outdoors amidst the hustle and bustle of busy life is the inspiration for Vale of Clwyd professional musician, Ynyr Llwyd’s new Welsh EP, ‘Awyr Iach’ (Fresh Air). In his latest album, the third released by Aran Records, the maturity of the singer songwriter is evident. Having experimented with various styles over the years, he feels he has found his own sound whilst writing and recording these songs for the new album; acoustic rock and pop.

  • Carolau Seiriol


    Welsh Carols with Brass (featuring Côr Seiriol and Beaumaris Band)

    Carols are not only amongst the earliest examples of Welsh song but are also popular songs, widely sung and appreciated within a living tradition. This collection draws on every aspect of this rich body of work. Early examples include 'Myn Mair' believed to have been written in the Middle Ages and 'Plygain' carols that are borne of an unique tradition within the Welsh church. Some of the great Victorian classics are here, as well as some relatively contemporary carols by our foremost composers and arrangers, including 'Doethion a Bugeiliaid' by William Mathias. Many of these arrangements with brass have been prepared especially for this recording and are performed here by two of the most distinguished musical names in Wales.

  • Cyrraedd y Cychwyn

    A New Beginning for John ac Alun

    2018 was an important year for John and Alun, as they celebrated 20 years of their popular radio show. Since then the pair have been busy preparing a new album. In the midst of all this activity the duo were honoured by the National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst and received into the Order of the Bards.

  • Gwyn dy Fyd - Emyr Gibson

    Emyr G Gwyn dy fyd artwork with titles thumb

    Emyr's world turns around his children
    Songs often hints at themes that we can all identify with, and the wonderful experience of becoming a parent is one we can all understand. In this song a new father praises his 6 month old child. There is of course joy and pride to hear and it's time to consider the wider family and their relationship with the new arrival.


  • Hir a Hwyr (Long and Late)


    'John ac Alun' release their first collection of new songs for 10 years

    It's 10 years since John and Alun released their last album, and as the title suggests, this release has been hotly anticipated. The reason for this delay was partly to do with their desire to shape every aspect of the work, including the choice of songs, their interpretation and the type of production that would best suit each song.

    The recording took place in Alun's own home in Tudweiliog, across a period of two years. Alun is also responsible for most of the arrangements on this record. 


  • Mesen Fach

    A single release to welcome a new member to the band 

    Tudur Huws Jones has now joined Phil Gas a'r Band as a full time member. He made a valuable contribution to several tracks on the album 'O Nunlla' and when it came to finding a replacement for the guitarist Dylan Evans, Tudur was the first choice.

    Tudur has been one of Wales' most prominent musicians for decades, working with Dafydd Iwan, Bryn Fôn and Siân James, and also a member of the groups Cilmeri, 4 yn y Bar, Branwen and Gwerinos. He also released a solo album in 2004 entitled ‘Dal i Drio’.

  • O gam i gam

    o gam i gam clawr downloadFounded in 1995 to compete in the Cnapan festivals 'Cythrel Canu' competition in which the group was successful. Ogam subsequently represented Wales at the Pan Celtic festival in Trallee, Ireland where it was also successful. Subsequent highlights have included a tour of Brittany in 1997 and the Montreal International Celtic Festival 2001.

  • O Nunlla

    It's ciders all round to celebrate this debut album

    The first single by Phil Gas and his Band, 'Seidar ar y Sul' (Cider on a Sunday) was released in November 2017. It's enormous popularity was the stimulus for the band to continue to develop and record new material. 10 songs have been selected for this collection and 8 of them are original to the band.

  • Peintio'r Byd yn Goch

    John ac Alun 'paint the world red' with this bluegrass song

    Taken from their forthcoming album 'Cyrraedd y Cychwyn' (Arriving at the Beginning), this single release celebrates the style of bluegrass country music that was made so popular by the late, great Johnny Cash. Whilst the music is as American as apple pie, the songs narrative is deeply embedded in Welsh culture. It has an evangelical theme, describing the transformation of the world through the Christian message, illustrated by the map of the world being turned from pagan black to red.

  • Plu'r Gweunydd

    clawr plu'r gweinydd s

    Siwan Llynor is probably best known for her role as the colourful Cheryl Gurka in the popular S4C drama series ‘Tipyn o Stad’.  However, Siwan has recently filmed her final scenes as Cheryl in order to concentrate on her music and other acting projects. This new stage in her career is marked by the release of her debut CD ‘Plu’r Gweunydd’ on the Aran label.

    Siwan’s name is also well known in the musical world. Her  background includes the lead female role in ‘Cwmni Theatr Maldwyn’s’ production of ‘Er Mwyn Yfory’. She was awarded the Lady Herbert Lewis Memorial Prize for her folk signing at the National Eisteddfod in Meifod. Whilst at University she provided backing vocals for Mim Twm Llai and appeared on record for ‘Ysbryd Chouchen’. ‘Plu’r Gweunydd’ was written especially for this album by Gai Toms (Mim Twm Llai) and Dewi Prysor.

  • Y Dyn Drws Nesaf

    y dyn drws nesaf thumb

    RELEASE DATE - OCTOBER 29th 2012

    A Vintage Collection from Elis Wynne

    It’s not often that an album is able to so vividly convey the best music of· the 60’s and 70’s.· Elis Wynne is a new artist to the Welsh speaking music scene but his background as a professional musician, stretching all the way back to his upbringing in Garnant, in the 1960’s· informs every second of these songs. It’s a journey that includes bitter sweet memories, humour, celebration, love and no small amount of pathos!

  • Yn Y Gorllewin

    y cyffro cover bachFrom Punk to Folk-Rock over 40 years 

    This year the band from Caernarfon, 'Y Cyffro', celebrates 40 years by releasing the album 'Yn y Gorllewin' (In the West). It's an opportunity to ask Derek Hughes (rhythm guitar) and Dave Roberts (lead guitar) about the group's interesting history.
    Shortly after establishing in 1978 the band had the opportunity to have a gig at the National Eisteddfod, which was held in Cardiff that year. "We were supporting the 'Trwynau Coch' at the Arms Park Club" says Derek, "and that started a close relationship where we often supported them, in places like Corwen and at Talybont in Caernarfon, of course" . 

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