rhwnggwynadu sRelease date - 01/12/09

Artist - Ynyr Llwyd

Record celebrates life in all it's glory

'Not everything's black and white' as the saying goes. There's a grey area that represents the complexity and the richness that makes our world such an interesting place. That's the message behind the title of a new CD by Ynyr Llwyd, 'Rhwng gwyn a du' (Between black and white), that is being released by Aran Records on December the 1st.
His first CD, entitled 'Cilfach', included a number of beautiful piano ballads, and received a warm reception last year.


Clawr-Ribidires s

Welcome aboard the ark with Now and Nia. Here are 16 lively songs that describe the fascinating animals that live there. Written and recorded for the S4C series of the same name, this is a great way of teaching young children about their favourite animals.

Also - backing tracks without voices and downloadable copies of the words!


Elwyn Wilson Jones CD

Elwyn Wilson Jones

This selection of gospel songs is filled with humour, irony and humility, some well known and iconic, some less familiar but equally powerful.

Elwyn Wilson Jones is known throughout Wales as a member of ‘Hogia’r Wyddfa’.  The material is close to his heart and perfectly suits the nature of his voice. The songs are in new arrangements by his good friend Dafydd Bullock, a well known composer from Llanberis whose work has been recorded, performed and broadcast internationally.

Songs are sung in Welsh and in English, accompanied by piano, bass, drums, clarinet and tuba!


• Two stories and twelve songs, in both English and Welsh
• Multimedia CD – CD-ROM section contains copies of the script, words and sheet music
• backing tracks without vocals
• Stories read by a children’s tv presenter Leisa Mererid

Clawr Un Lleuad Ynyr Llwyd small“Y Llwyd”  on radio and on stage
Bydd record newydd Ynyr Llwyd yn cael ei rhyddhau ar Orffennaf 29, ac am y tro cyntaf fe glywir band newydd Ynyr arni, a elwir (yn gyfleus iawn) ‘Y Llwyd’. “Ges i syniad o roi enw i’r band a fyddai dal yn reit debyg i fy enw i fel artist, felly dwi’n lwcus iawn fod gen i enw a oedd yn caniatau hynny!” meddai Ynyr.

There will be a new record released on July 29 by the songwriter Ynyr Llwyd, and for the first time it will feature Ynyr's new band, called (very conveniently) 'The Grey'. "I got the idea of giving the band a name that is quite similar to my own name as an artist, so I'm very lucky that I have a name that allowed it!" said Ynyr.

The new band can be heard live for the first time in a series of performances during the National Eisteddfod. 

thumbnail clawrcowbridgeCowbridge Male Voice Choir - Voices from the Valley

Aran 521

Musical Director – Shelley Thomas Brown
Accompanist – Sandra Williams

A double CD of Male Voice Choir favourites together with original arrangements of popular songs.