O Nunlla

It’s ciders all round to celebrate this debut album

The first single by Phil Gas and his Band, ‘Seidar ar y Sul’ (Cider on a Sunday) was released in November 2017. It’s enormous popularity was the stimulus for the band to continue to develop and record new material. 10 songs have been selected for this collection and 8 of them are original to the band.

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Peintio’r Byd yn Goch


John ac Alun ‘paint the world red’ with this bluegrass song

Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Cyrraedd y Cychwyn’ (Arriving at the Beginning), this single release celebrates the style of bluegrass country music that was made so popular by the late, great Johnny Cash. Whilst the music is as American as apple pie, the songs narrative is deeply embedded in Welsh culture. It has an evangelical theme, describing the transformation of the world through the Christian message, illustrated by the map of the world being turned from pagan black to red.

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Hir a Hwyr (Long and Late)


‘John ac Alun’ release their first collection of new songs for 10 years

It’s 10 years since John and Alun released their last album, and as the title suggests, this release has been hotly anticipated. The reason for this delay was partly to do with their desire to shape every aspect of the work, including the choice of songs, their interpretation and the type of production that would best suit each song.

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Deryn Glan i Ganu

Songs to Inspire by a New, Exciting Voice


A new, young artist has appeared in the world of country singing, with this first record showing that she has much to offer. There are 12 original songs here by Emma Marie, including ‘Robin Goch’, a song that is very familiar to Radio Cymru’s listeners on Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

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Y Fi Yw’r Goeden – Emma Marie

Emma artwork with titles thumb

Breaking New Ground
Following the success of her first long record ‘Deryn Glan i Ganu’ in 2018 Emma Marie has been very busy singing all over the country. There is particular praise for her original songs that are in the soul and country style. She was invited to write a song especially for John and Alun’s last record – ‘Cyrraedd y Cychwyn’.

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