The Story of ‘Noah’ and ‘The Prodigal Son’


• Two stories and twelve songs, in both English and Welsh
• Multimedia CD – CD-ROM section contains copies of the script, words and sheet music 
• backing tracks without vocals
• Stories read by a children’s tv presenter Leisa Mererid



1 Stori Noa

2 Croeso Noa

3 Adeiladu Cwch 

4 Dechrau’r Dilyw 

5 Llond Bol 

6 Y Golomen 

7 Yr Enfys

8  Stori Y Mab Afradlon

9  Dau Fab 

10 Rydw i am deithio 

11 Arian mawr 

12 Rwyf fi ar goll 

13 Dydy o ddim yn deg 

14 Dewch i’r Parti

15 The Story of Noah leisabach

16 Welcome to the Show 

17 Brand New Boat 

18 Can you hear? 

19 Enough! 

20 Little Dove 

21 The Rainbow 

22 The Story of ‘The Prodigal Son’ 

23 Two Sons 

24 Listen to my heart 

25 I’m so rich 

26 All alone 

27 O! It’s so unfair 

28 Come and join us everyone

Narrator – Leisa Mererid 

Aran Records have released a CD for young children that presents these two stories from the old testament in words and in song.

This material was developed by two teachers from the Conwy Valley: “I wrote the songs for ‘The Prodigal Son’ as part of a school show” says Ruth Lloyd Owen, “without ever thinking that it would go any further, but I’m very pleased that other children are now going to have the opportunity to enjoy them”.

Gwyneth Vaughan is responsible for the songs for ‘Noah’. “I was asked to prepare a simple cassette recording of the children singing the songs, then the songs were arranged for a variety of instruments and re-recorded at Studio Aran”. The beautiful voices of two young singers can be heard performing the songs: Siân Hughes and Ceri Griffiths. The stories are recited by Leisa Mererid, who will be well known to young children as an actress on the new ‘Cei Bach’ series on S4C.

“Firstly I was keen for the CD to be entertaining for the children” says Owain Gethin, the project co-ordinator, “ but of course it’s also a resource for the classroom and the Sunday School”. Backing tracks are to be found at the end of the CD as an incentive for children to perform the songs themselves. Written copies of the words and the music were also prepared and by putting the CD into a computer it’s possible to access these copies and print them out.”The idea is that people use the material in the way that best suits their own needs” says Owain Gethin “and with this in mind all the material is presented in both Welsh and English”.

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