Y Fi Yw’r Goeden – Emma Marie

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Breaking New Ground
Following the success of her first long record ‘Deryn Glan i Ganu’ in 2018 Emma Marie has been very busy singing all over the country. There is particular praise for her original songs that are in the soul and country style. She was invited to write a song especially for John and Alun’s last record – ‘Cyrraedd y Cychwyn’.

That song is called ‘Cuddio o’r Diafol’ (‘Hide from the Devil’) and is already a favorite among the lads’ fans. She is now busy writing a collection of new songs for the next record but in the meantime this single is a little preview of what’s to come. In this song she adopts another character, not another person but a big strong tree. It’s an interesting and wonderful idea that lets us admire the wonders of nature. There is a difference in the style of the song here too, with a touch of light jazz running through it. Then at the center of the song is a slightly more reflective section. The style is full of exotic studio effects and reminds us of the psychedelic songs of the 60s. Emma then breaks new ground, and plants a wonderful tree in the middle of it.
Release date: July 10th 2020

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